Talking about Quakers

Talks about Quakers


Quakers in Kingston and Richmond, South West London, have announced a series of events to raise the organisation's profile and raise awareness of Quakerism.


The outreach events will begin on World Quaker Day on October 2 with a public talk at Kingston Meeting. Led by Richmond Quaker Kathryn Perry, and titled “Quakers:  more than just chocolate, oats, and pacifism” it will aim to address misunderstandings about the Quaker movement.  



Kathryn commented: “Quakerism is an international religious movement which was established nearly 400 years ago. Most people will have heard of Quakers yet may not know much about them. We hope to address that through these kind of activities.”

The aim of of the public talks is to  raise the profile of Quakerism, and make connections with other groups. 

A second public event, which will be a panel discussion featuring Quakers and representatives from other faiths, is also being planned for the Autumn.

Further talks are being planned next year on themes including Quakers and Sustainability, and Quakers and Mental Wellbeing.

World Quaker Day on October 2 is a day marked by Quaker activities and worship across the globe. In the UK it is also the final day of Quaker Week, an annual event which is designed to help Quaker meetings attract new people and share their faith.