Talking about Quakers

Talks about Quakers

Quakers in Kingston and Richmond, South West London, have announced a series of events to raise the organisation's profile and raise awareness of Quakerism.


Why I am a ........

a panel discussion on beliefs and values

Quakers in Kingston and Richmond will be joined by speakers from the Anglican Church and the Humanist movement, to lead a public discussion titled “A Dialogue on Beliefs and Values”. The panel discussion will aim to explore what makes life

It takes place at Kingston Quaker Centre on Thursday December 1st at 6.30pm.  Free entry.   Enquiries through our Contact page

Each participant on the panel will be asked to address the question:
“Why I am a....” as a way to introduce their chosen faith, its values and beliefs. Panellists will also be answering questions from the

The panel will comprise:
Richmond Quaker Mary Aiston. Mary grew up in a Quaker
family, chose to join in her own right in her mid 20s and has
been an active Quaker ever since.

• The Revd. Joe Moffatt of All Saints Church, Kingston. Joe has
been an Anglican vicar for 23 years, working in Wolverhampton, Chelsea and Teddington before moving to
Kingston earlier this year.

Jon Fayle of Humanists UK. Jon has been a social worker for most of his professional life, most recently with children in
care. About 15 years ago he came to the conclusion that humanism provided the basis for thinking about morality and
living a good life with which he felt most comfortable.

Further talks are being planned next year on themes including Quakers and Sustainability, and Quakers and Mental Wellbeing.