Enquirers and seekers

If you have visited this page to find out something about Quakers……..

Geoffrey Durham, a Quaker, described it like this…

We offer a spiritual journey: a journey that is undertaken with others in our meeting, and which is reflected in turn in their journeys. We offer a faith which is based on personal experience and which contains no dogma – Quakers do not believe what they are told. We offer a spiritual life in which belief is shown through action, so it follows that there is no dotted line on which you have to sign. We are a faith which readily acknowledges and welcomes its Christian roots and remains open to new light from wherever it may come. We offer the still waiting on God of our Meeting for Worship. We offer our testimonies – particularly the Testimony to Equality from which everything else stems. We offer the transforming power of silence.

You are welcome to join us at one of our meetings for worship.  The Calendar lists them.  Our Meeting House is on Fairfield East, Kingston KT1 2PT.

If you want to talk to someone before you join us, you can contact us at

Quakers have always practised action in the world and Kingston Quakers continue this tradition both as individuals and as a community.  Kingston Quaker Centre (KQC) was built to serve our community – both the Quaker Community and the community of Kingston as a place where community and social groups can meet.  Supporting the operation of KQC is a substantial part of our work.  

We are founder members of Kingston Community Refugee Sponsorship, a local interdenominational charity which will bring a family from the war torn areas of the Middle East and North Africa to settle in Kingston and become part of Kingston’s community.  

We are actively developing new projects based at KQC for the community of Kingston and for two local charities, Refugee Action Kingston and Kingston Churches Action on Homelessness.