Kingston Quaker Centre now has a part time warden manager on site on working days.  We invite you to drop in and say hello!

Meetings for worship will be held at the Kingston Quaker Centre and online using Zoom. Our Sunday worship starts at 10:30. You are welcome to join us in our worship at Kingston Quaker Centre or using Zoom.  

Please email clerk@kingstonquakers.org for more information.

Quakers try to live simply and sustainably, promoting peace, equality and truth. Putting faith into action is central to our way of life and we meet weekly for quiet worship, usually on Sunday, in more than 475 locations across Britain. Quakers have worshipped in Kingston for more than 350 years.

You do not have to be a Quaker to come to a Quaker Meeting – all are very welcome.


We meet for worship at Kingston Quaker Centre, Fairfield East, Kingston upon Thames, KT1 2PT.  You are welcome to join in person or on Zoom:

Sunday at 10:30 – 11:30 AM at the Quaker Centre followed by refreshments until about 12:00 and Online.

You may find it helpful to read Getting ready for Quaker worship if you’ve not attended before.

You can read more about Quakers on the Quakers in Britain website.

Quakers Today

We have no creed, sacraments or priests and we try to live by the testimonies of Peace, Equality, Simplicity, Sustainability and Truth. 

The root and source of Quakerism is “Meeting for Worship”. We gather in a shared silence to seek a sense of connection with our inner selves, with each other and with the deepest truth. In the silence we open ourselves to the strength and guidance we need to live in the world today. Equality is fundamental and we search for “that of God” in everyone. More info

Quaker communities, including Kingston Quakers, follow the guidance of Quaker Faith and Practice, which contains guidance for church affairs and excerpts from valued Quaker writings.  Our Advices and Queries, Chapter 1 of Quaker Faith and Practice, provide a reminder of some treasured insights of our Society.  

To read “Quaker Faith and Practice” online visit Quaker faith & practice

Quakers, originating in the fervently Christian 17th Century, still consider ourselves as a church which is Rooted in Christianity, Open to New Light.

Many Quakers today work with charities and peace-making initiatives throughout the world. Quakers in Kingston are a founder member of Kingston Community Refugee Sponsorship  

In 2011 Quakers in Britain made a commitment to live more sustainably. Since then meetings and individuals have taken practical action to achieve this goal. 

For details of contemporary Quakerism, free information resources and how to find other meetings visit Quakers in Britain website

For an interesting view of Quaker history visit The Quaker Tapestry