Contacts and Further Information

For Room Hire at the Quaker Centre

Contact – – 020 3092 8743

To request information about Quakers and their faith

Free information pack

Contact Quakers in Kingston – – 07976 299721

Quakers nationally

Quakers in Britain

Quakers in Britain are on Facebook and Twitter and maintain a list of Events.

Young Quakers

Quakers and Sustainability – the Living Witness project

Information about Quakers on the web

Wikipedia about Quakers

BBC description of Quakers

YouTube – Watford Quakers speak about aspects of Quakerism

Quakers in the World

Quaker Faith and Practice

Other Faith Contacts in Kingston

Kingston Inter-Faith Forum

Faith at Kingston University

Quakers in London

London Quakers have a website showing events and a Facebook page.

Quaker Quest – an outreach event at Friends House near Euston

Friends House Library has a Facebook page.

Other Information

Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre has a website and a Facebook page.

Quaker Centre online bookshop

Online Quaker Discussion Forum (note – you need to register before you can read the postings)

Becoming Friends (Woodbrooke’s online course, also has a good discussion group. There is a small fee to join)

Quaker Quest Network – running a quaker quest

Quakers and Sustainability – the Living Witness project

Quakers in the World

Quaker Life are on Facebook and produce Newsletters