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Climate Crisis: A Dialogue on Actions and Beliefs

Kingston Quaker Centre - 6.30pm - Thursday 9 March.

QUAKERS in South West London will discuss their involvement in action and campaigns to raise awareness of the climate emergency, at the latest in a series of public events held at Kingston Quaker Centre.

Part of the Quaker faith is a commitment to sustainability, and the meeting will feature three speakers explaining how they support that commitment. All share a profound concern about the climate crisis.However, their faith has led them to different forms of action.


Linda Murgatroyd, a member of the Loving Earth Project, which uses textile art to help people engage
with ecological issues. Linda comments: ’I’ve been concerned about environmental issues since my late teens,
trying to reduce my carbon footprint, supporting campaigns on environmental issues, and working within the
Quaker community and beyond. The arts can be fruitful in helping people engage.”

Ben Mango, an Extinction Rebellion member, who comments: ’I came late to activism, but I have
always had a strong sense of fairness and awareness how some people can be treated unjustly. Having
attended an Extinction Rebellion presentation on the climate crisis in 2019 I quickly became involved with my
local group in Wandsworth. I now spend about half my time working on national initiatives with XR."

Roy Vickery is a long-standing member of the Green Party. He attended Quaker meetings for many
years, and worked as a botanist at the Natural History Museum for over 40 years; he remains a Scientific
Associate at the Museum. He devotes much time to encouraging people to connect with the natural world, by
leading plant walks and giving talks, mainly on the uses and folklore of our native flora.

Entry to the Dialogue is free and open to all, and refreshments will be provided. It is the latest in a series of
events organised by Quakers in South West London to raise awareness of their activities.


Previous meetings
have examined myths and misunderstandings about Quakers, and how Quakerism compares with other faiths.
Following March’s event on sustainability,

A Dialogue on Migration and Refuge is being planned for Refugee Week on the 20-26 June 2023