Recent announcements

Quakers in Kingston and Richmond are marking World Quaker Day on Sunday 2 October with a talk addressing common misconceptions about their faith.

Kingston Quakers are also launching a new poetry prize, inspired by the life of Geoffrey Weedon whose poem “Draw Breath” examines the experience of silent Quaker worship.  “Breath” is the theme for entries.

The talk on October 2, titled “Quakers: more than just chocolate, oats and pacifism”, will be given by Richmond Quaker Kathryn Perry, in the Kingston Quaker Centre, Fairfield East, Kingston-upon-Thames, KT1 2PT, from 5 to 6pm.  Entry is free.  Further details can be found at https://kingstonquakers.org/talks/ 

Kathryn said: “Quakerism is an international religious movement which was established nearly 400 years ago. Most people will have heard of Quakers yet may not know much about them. We hope to address that through these kind of activities.”

Meanwhile on October 1, Kingston Quaker Centre will be the venue for a performance of Journeymen Theatre’s Breeding Grounds, which examines themes important to Quakers.

Entry is free but charitable donations are welcomed. Further details can be found here - https://www.facebook.com/events/kingston-quaker-centre/breeding-grounds-by-journeymen-theatre/7803404879733163/

Entries for the Poetry Prize can be submitted from October 2 and further details can be found at https://kingstonquakers.org/poetry-comp/

A panel discussion featuring Quakers and representatives from other faiths is planned for the autumn along with further talks next year on Quakers and sustainability, and Quakers and mental wellbeing.

World Quaker Day on October 2 is marked by Quaker activities and worship around the world. In the UK it marks the final day of Quaker Week, designed to help Quaker meetings attract new people and share their faith.

Kathryn said: “Quakers all over the country will be involved in outreach activities - we hope our activities in South West London will be interesting and engaging. Quakerism is a lively and multi-faceted movement and we would like to share our experience."